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Originally Posted by eloora View Post
I guess I just don't understand this forced display of what in your opinion is important at any given time.
I'll grant you that I am making a command decision, but aside from access to the panel for configuration (which is a valid issue I will address) -- of what practical value is a threat meter out of combat? Now... if you want to see your Recount bars all the time without them switching to threat, then select the "Stats" info mode and your wish comes true.

It was my opinion that rather than have empty space sitting there out of combat, it was "handy" to have Recount displayed if available when you did have a threat meter active. Again... being able to see the threat meter for the sake of configuration is a valid issue, but being able to see it any other time when you're out of combat is pointless.

In any event, I do my level best to please as many as I can, but in the end I cannot please everyone and every decision comes down to me doing my best to minimize how many people object to the choice I'm making.

I do very much appreciate your input and I appreciate the compliment, as well. As I have said before, the biggest mistake most programmers make is telling the customer how to use the software when the customer is the one who knows what they need it for and should be telling the programmer how to use it. I do my best.