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I appreciate your replies. I know that you will work diligently to improve this UI, and I will enjoy seeing its evolution.

All I really wanted with my Omen requests was to just see the window, even if it's blank, at any time for setup and configuration. If there's no threat info, there's no threat info, but there are things to play with! It does sort of tie in to another point, though, and that's flexibility.

You could say there are 2 kinds of UI people. Ones that either create or use an all-in-one dashboard setup, and ones that just place their (modded) UI windows wherever they think they should be, all over. Some of us willy-nilly window placers might secretly wish we could settle down with a dashboard, though. They are just hard to "get right" for picky people. They're often "too big" or they don't have the right window placement. And they lack flexibility most of all. Your little information area is (currently) your only real chance to maintain a level of flexibility and customization in a dashboard setup. It's apparent that you realize the importance of this, at least to a degree, and you realize how popular these mods are, or you wouldn't have offered the integration. I just wanted to let you know that my interest was deeper than just wanting to fiddle with Omen .

And just a final word about your integrated threat meter. I did get a chance to try it out yesterday while doing some dailies with my pet. It can definitely get the single target threat job done, but in a raid scenario, there's no chance that I'll be giving up Omen just yet. As a raiding hunter it is often important for me to see at least the top 3 on the aggro list, and if necessary, MD a 2nd or 3rd tank so they move further up the hate list. Your threat meter is good for packing as much info as possible around the HUD, but it's not quite an Omen killer at this juncture.

Sorry for the wall o' tirade! And keep up the good work!
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