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Originally Posted by Bomyne View Post
It loaded and I attempted to back up my UI, it then immediately froze and remained unresponsive for long enough that I forced crashed it.

And I have all permission systems turned off, and WoW is installed to the external harddrive and not C:\Program Files.
See if theres a folder C:\DiscordTempDir (switch the drive to whichever has the exe running on it). If there is see if there are any folders/files in that folder. It should crash before it loads if it doesnt have permissions so I dont think that's it. Sometimes the operation can take a minute or 2... did the progress bar move at all when it was frozen?

Basicly it does this:
Copy Interface,WTF, and Fonts folders to Drive:\DiscordTempDir
Renames the folders in WTF.
Zips the files
Deletes Drive:\DiscordTempDir
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