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Journal Entry: Betawatch - Day 11

Supplies running low. The mood in here is turning ugly; my compatriots' nerves are wearing thin, and the madness within them is rising. Paranoia is running rampant through our ranks, and I dare not take my eyes away for a second, or they'll gut me like a fish. I remain immune to this insanity, but for how long? How long can we maintain this veneer of civility, this outward illusion of patience? Everywhere, I see naked hunger in their faces, an overwhelming need that can rise up in an instant! Must be careful, must not sleep... sleep is when they get you!

The whispered chanting is the worst. Most don't realize what they are saying, a sub-audible pulse mouthed from their lips without conscious thought. Like the name of some dark and hungry entity from beyond, they call to it, promising unspeakable sacrifices and unholy pacts for a taste of it's power. This gruesome and horrible thing that grips us all in a demonic fever, this hell-beast known as... Beta.

God help us. God help us all.
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