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I picked NE for my first char, the NE's were the prettiest to me. When my son first brought WoW to the family, we had decided to roll Ally together (he wanted to be able to fight and beat his teacher). I knew nothing about the game other than my son's friends and his Elementary teacher all played it. I chose Hunter because I figured if...I didnt get to know anyone in this werid game world at least I wouldnt be alone.
For most of my Hunter's lvl's, Till about 46 I believe, I fumbled my way around, was to shy to talk to people, got lost in strange places and finally figured out most of the games mechanics.
Since then I have met a ton people, made a guild ^.^ (go TSS you guys are the best people I know) and level'd up new chars too.
I fell in love with the stories and lore in WoW on both sides! I play for fun, have since day one, back before BC, maybe someday Ill take it serious and try raids, or other end game (for now) stuff, but prolly not ^.^

I have a NE Hunter (mostly my money maker/explorer new content gets done by her first :P)
A almost NE Priest (*shrug* I like the NE females still and starshards comes in handy, you can track a hidden rogue with those things LoL)
A Human Warrior (this chick is tough and gives me a lot of respect of what the humans have gone through)
A Gnome Mage (still weirds me out a bit when I play her...but I keep trying)
A 19 NE Druid (My Fave atm, Im loving WsG with her, which is weird, cuz I HATE WsG!)
A Draenie Shammy (*shrug* she has a tail)
And A BE priest (shes pretty, but no NE :P still I do like her)

I have tried many many toons, but scrapped them for one reason or another, still havent met a rogue I like, so I kill them off before lvl 20
I tried an Undead priest, I love the way they moved, their casting stances, and come on zombies are Fantastic and their story is perfect...but the emote voice got to me and I put her back in the ground....just too kreepy *shiver*

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