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Originally Posted by Footrot View Post
The new 2.4 combat log events, SPELL_AURA_APPLIED and SPELL_AURA_REMOVED would benefit greatly from having the src* fields contain data about the player/mob that applied the aura that is fading or has been applied.
I'd be in favor of this as well, I have made a request on the Blizzard forums for them to fix this a few months ago.

Originally Posted by Kith View Post
Though its at least a hopeful sign that AURA_REFRESH is now working properly on the beta servers...

...I'm currently using a (rather horrid) mashup of UNIT_AURA with COMBAT_LOG_EVENT to do this tracking, and it would be lovely to drop the UNIT_AURA entirely.
It's good to hear we're getting a refresh event, that is much needed.

As far as the code I'm working with, I had to do a mix of UNIT_SPELLCAST and the CombatLog's SPELLCAST_START and SPELLCAST_SUCCEED. The new code runs completely off the CombatLog's SPELL_AURA events, and is picking up everything. I have it group target durations by spell, but I'm still worried about overloading the user with data. I guess I'll have to see how bad it is when I get the UI up and running. I may end up putting the messy code back in.
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