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Using the latest version of PRaid I have managed to get the name over the bar with the following changes:
Line 557
from - 	button:SetAttribute("initial-width", 225)
to - 	button:SetAttribute("initial-width", 170)

Line 632
from - button.leftbox:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", button, "BOTTOMLEFT", 70, 0)
to -   button.leftbox:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", button, "BOTTOMLEFT", 1, 0)

Lines 665-667
from -"RIGHT", button.leftbox, "RIGHT", -2, 0)"LEFT", button.leftbox, "LEFT", 0, 0)"RIGHT")
to -"LEFT", button.healthbar, "LEFT", 2, 1)"RIGHT", button.healthbar, "RIGHT", 0, 0)"LEFT")
Now I have class colored names over a class colored bar. How can I change the name color to white?
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