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To answer your question adequately, I'd first have to read lots of info on Altoholic (never used it), download, install, experiment with it to learn it, etc. I really don't want to add still one more addon to what has always been the basic few I use. Carbonite used to work fine, but I understand that it's now being "broken" into separate apps. That may be fine, too, but only as long as each of those apps works properly... the way the original Carbonite addon worked years ago.

The Warehouse is extremely important to those of us who spend much time working with various Professions and the Auction House in the game. I always have my Carbonite maps open, so it's very efficient to be able to click the Warehouse button and see EVERYTHING I've gathered and stored on each and/or all of my chars including their banks. The time saved between doing it in real-time compared to logging out/into each of my many other alts, is enormous.

Whatever Altoholic is, it may work just fine. But, that sounds to me like you may be suggesting that the Carbonite I 'used to know' will be stripped down, and less functional than it was (before Cataclysm).

Millions of people use Carbonite because it was an "all-in-one" addon, compared to having to deal with multiple addons, multiple forums, multiple this and that, whatever. It was a great and useful addon because it eliminated the need for all that other confusion; and, it worked!

I'm extremely happy that there was someone in this world who cared enough to devote his time to Carbonite! Rythal's generous spirit will live in memory for a very long time because of what he's done and is doing currently.

I'm not ready for Altoholic until somebody tells me specifically that Carbonite will no longer include it.