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I found this function while browsing the WoWAce forums. I believe the credit goes to Phanx, but I don't think the post explicitly stated that she wrote it.

Lua Code:
  1. local function numformat(num)
  2.     if not num then return 0 end
  3.     if abs(num) < 1000 then return num end
  4.     local neg = num < 0 and "-" or ""
  5.     local left, mid, right = tostring(abs(num)):match("^([^%d]*%d)(%d*)(.-)$")
  6.     return ("%s%s%s%s"):format(neg, left, mid:reverse():gsub("(%d%d%d)", "%1,"):reverse(), right)
  7. end

Only works for whole numbers apparently.
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