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The way carbonite has such massive and wide spread issues, it almost feels like someone put in a virus to break the add-on.
I wonder if the bad code is affecting Blizzard with the lag some are having during gameplay.
Carbonite was working great for me using a fan band-aid put over years of half hearted bandaids done by the authors.
I hate to say it but it is time to walk away from the project. the authors are non reposive and very confrontational to countless unhappy add-on users.
If I can just get a good zoom and map versatility it would be enough.
I lost cartographer when died in 09 but the authors where kind enough to let us know not just break it to unusable. I donated close to 200 dollars over the time i used carbonite, even donated in aug, but anymore would giving my money to a ungratefull person.

I thank you for the years of a fantastic map and quest helper but if your not going to maintain it please just take it down.

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