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Originally Posted by Apraxia View Post
I am a druid as well, sepc'd moonkin however. I can tell you nUI seemed a little daunting at first figuring out the bar sittuation. This is what I found to be true.

- Shapeshift buttons will be located directly above the main cast/attack bar
-In normal form is one spell bar that is unique
- In boonkin form my spell bar switches but it shares the same bar as the on on the far right bottom side underneath the combat log/map box thingy
- cat and bear form each change to different bars when shifting however neither of those share a bar with what's visable.
- You just gotta be carful. Look at how spots hightly when you drop a spell/attack into place a see if it shows up in two spots.
- You'll need to shapeshift to EACH form and set up the bar how you liek.

hope this helps
I'm not having issues with the regular shapeshifting so to speak, all the bars switch the way they should and the way I expect, with the exception of when i go into prowl while in Cat Form. The bar is supposed to swap like it does when a rogue goes stealth, but it doesn't

And I'm using the 5.03 alpha build