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What i am asking sorry that i did now correctly post it i know about the in game dungeons what i need is something to show me where they all are. I play on my own alot as i am still a learner as they put it and the guild i am in won't let me raid as such with them.

I have purchased all the games but have no clue where all the dungeons or raids are or how to fly to them as to solo them and learn them.

I need something that will show me where all the dungeons are and how to get to them as some of them like Naxx are impossible for players new to the game to fly.

Dungeon cue's don't help me as you have to wait till others join and not many people like to do the old 1's and since the last patch you can now solo many of them and this is what i would like to do. As i say i cant find them while flying or know where many of them are so something that can be used with say tom tome where you type /w and the cords will show you where a certains raid or dungeon is if you can follow what i am saying sorry for waffling on

Thank you
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