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I have always experienced the flickering as well until I remember the above mentioned setting. Does this turn the glowing off entirely? I've always kept the Carbonite map separate from my minimap. Does combining them fix the issue as well? Currently, I have BasicMinimap installed as well to clean up the minimap a bit and make it more configurable. Are the addons compatible with each other? The flicker happens whether I have a map addon installed or not, when the above setting is not used. I also have Gatherer installed currently, but I do not keep the map-overlay turned on.

I've used Carbonite for quite a while as the map has been a gamesaver to me. I'm sure I'm not using 10% of what Carbonite can do.

BTW, as this is my first post after registering, let me take this moment to say "Thank you Rythal for your continuing of the development and active support of this addon. It is much appreciated, even if I don't use all of what it is capable of."