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Originally Posted by frohanss View Post

does anyone know how to get the guild tabard into frames?

Basicly whant to overlay the icon on top of another frame.

Thx in advance
To get all texture info relating to the guild tabard, try this function:

local tabardBackgroundUpper, tabardBackgroundLower, tabardEmblemUpper, tabardEmblemLower, tabardBorderUpper, tabardBorderLower = GetGuildTabardFileNames()
The "no guild" texture is: "Interface\\GuildFrame\\GuildLogo-NoLogo"

The normal textures can be quickly reference from: GuildFrameTabardEmblem, GuildFrameTabardBackground, GuildFrameTabardBorder

Now, I haven't done any work at all in relation to this, this is just the info I could find quickly.

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