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MoP Debuffs

As of build 15983

I just thought I'd list those here in case someone needs them for tracking purposes. You can get the spell IDs from the wowhead links. All of them are the actual debuff IDs (checked on beta)

Take a look at Ghostcrawler's post for the basics on debuffs design for MoP.

4 out of the 6 debuff categories are represented by a single debuff, that gets applied to the target by a trigger spell:
Weakened Armor
Physical Vulnerability
Weakened Blows
Mortal Wounds
Mortal Wounds is only triggered by Mortal Strike (Arms Warrior), Wild Strike (Fury Warrior) or Rising Sun Kick (Windwalker Monk). The other two spells that fall into this category do not trigger the category debuff but apply their own debuffs instead:
Widow Venom (any hunter)
Wound Poison (any rogue)
There is also an exception to the Weakened Blows category, that does not apply the category debuff and even has a greater effect (20% instead of 10%):
Curse of Enfeeblement (any warlock)
For the Magic Vulnerability and Slow Casting categories, debuffs are appied by trigger spells as follows:

Magic Vulnerability:
Master Poisoner (any rogue)
Curse of the Elements (any warlock)
Slow Casting:
Necrotic Strike (any death knight)
Mind-numbling Poison (any rogue)
Curse of Enfeeblement (any warlock)
And here the trigger spells by debuff category in case someone needs them:

Weakened Armor:
Faerie Fire (any druid)
Expose Armor (any rogue)
Sunder Armor (any warrior)
Physical Vulnerabilty:
Frost Fever (through Brittle Bones - frost death knight)
Blood Plague (through Ebon Plaguebringer - unholy death knight)
Judgement (retribution paladin)
Colossus Smash (arms or fury warrior)
Weakened Blows:
Blood Plague (through Scarlet Fever - blood death knight)
Thrash (guardian or feral druid)
Keg Smash (brewmaster monk)
Hammer of the Righteous (protection or retribution paladin)
Thunder Clap (protection warrior)
Earth Shock (any shaman)

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Thanks for this! Saves me a lot of time.

This is the list with debuff IDs as I have it now:

-- Weakened Armor
[113746] = true,

-- Physical Vulnerability
[81326] = true,

-- Weakened Blows
[115798] = true,
[109466] = true, -- Curse of Enfeeblement

-- Mortal Wounds
[115804] = true,
[82654] = true, -- Widow Venom
[8680] = true, -- Wound Poison

-- Magic Vulnerability
[93068] = true, -- Master Poisoner
[1490] = true, -- Curse of the Elements

-- Slow Casting
[73975] = true, -- Necrotic Strike
[5760] = true, -- Mind-numbing Poison
[109466] = true, -- Curse of Enfeeblement
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Thanks for posting this, a time saver for sure.
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Awesome. Just finished rFilter3...this goes right onto the list.
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Wowhead also has an updated list, which also includes the different types of raid buffs.

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Ah just came across this as I was looking for buff/debuff and raid CD lists for configuring mods.
Thank you for the list, saves me a lot of work.

Here's the raid + personal CD list I ended up assembling. A little too detailed for most but should include everything:

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