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Can't see 25 frames

In a new .012 install? I know the files got there because teh couple changes i made to like the timer are gone again. Something I did wrong or am forgetting?
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Did you try clicking on the red button under the left chatbox? That button changes the frames. Or if your frames are not auto changing for you, you can try typing /nui autogroup in the chat window.
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Yes, did both of those. Cycled through ten man, party, player but no 25 (we were at Malygos).

Also struggling to identify MY debuffs on Malygos - I can see everyone else's stacks also and would like to see just mine somewhere - I can see my serpent sting at my feet when it is active, but my stacking debuff on him is for some reason elsewhere and I was wondering if I could turn off everyone's debuffs but mine. I found my stacking revivify buff on my buff line to the right but just could not isolate my debuff (i'm not a fast see'r and trying to keep alive is hard enough lol)

Will have to write down my lua edits somewhere or at least bookmark the changes I made to the castbar timer and such, I didn't realize they'd change with every edit - Is there going to be a more comprehensive gui setup coming?
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Okay -- If you're only seeing player, party and 10 man raid frames, then you are running the release version of nUI. The 15, 20, 25 and 40 man frames are still in the development line and have not been officially released.

As for seeing your debuffs, there are two ways... the easiest is to enable the HUD. It has a bar in the lower center that contains only the auras you have cast on the current target and their time remaining. If you don't like having the health bars in the HUD, then select the "Simple HUD" mode and you'll only get the DOT/HOT bar, cooldown bar, casting bar and health race bar. You have the option to turn the health race and cooldown bars off via slash commands, as well (though I strongly recommend against it).

And yes, the GUI setup is something that has been discussed at great length. It's also in the patch notes and to-do list. It's a HUGE undertaking and going to take time... everything nUI is configurable, so that's a lot of GUI config to write.

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