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Organizing Raid Frames

I have a problem I'm trying to resolve. I need to organize the raid frames according to group and I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

Our 25 mans usually have 28-30 at a time as people will quite often switch characters mid-instance to satisfy a need (we're a relatively small guild - try running 25 man Naxx with just my Resto druid and a priest =P). I need to be able to organize the raid frames in different ways - and it's complicated because with those 30 people, it bumps 5 non-offline people into other groups (and I can't make the raid lead reorganize every time we swap someone out), which means I have to use the raid-40 setting.

It would be really nice if I were able to decide which unit frames to show in raid, and in what order.
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This is a known issue and already on the to-do list to offer sorting by both group and class... someday maybe role as well. It's a non-trivial task because of how the unit frames work and Bliz's issues with tainting code. I am working on it.

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