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Question Dragon combo points for the "Ace's High" Quest

Hi Scott,

The level 80 quest Ace's High, requires you to fly a dragon (not a 100% sure if it's a verhicle or not) and use the dragon abilities to build up combo points. The problem is, that these combo points are not being displayed in nUI+. Is there a way of displaying them?


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This is a known issue that just got brought up this past week and I've not had a change to address it yet... I hope I can with this weekend's update.

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If you want you can use the following macro and not worry about how many points you have on the target:

console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/castsequence reset=9 flame spike,flame spike,flame spike,flame spike,flame shield,revivify
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Just make sure when you pull the dragon to you, you backup just a little. The macro is made to just mash repeatedly, and sometimes it messes up and you die.
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Thanks for the responces Scott and Lery, I'll give the macro a go whilst Scott is bug hunting .

Warm Regards

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I worked my way up to Exalted doing this Daily (and the other Wyrmrest dailies) and nUI. I didn't even know you could see the combo points.

Here is how to do it:

First hit revivify until it is maxed, and keep hitting it until you get into combat.

Then the basic rule is to just hit the number one attack 3 to 4 times, hit the shield to use the combo points, then hit the revivify to keep it maxed. Repeat this over and over until the dragon is dead.

If you take a lot of damage somehow, use fewer attacks so you hit shield and revivify sooner. If you have a good connection and fast reflexes, you can hit the attack 5 times before the shield. The important thing is that you hit revivify before it wipes, or you have to fully recharge that.

Without revivify fully charged, you must run or die.

You can even stay alive if you have two dragons attacking you. Just lower the number of attacks so you keep the shield up more often and don't' drop revivify by accident. If you get three dragons, zoom off and come back around once you drop aggro.

I died once or twice as I was learning the sequence. After that I could do this daily while talking to my guildies

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