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Freezing wow

Hello and thanks for reading this (and maybe replying)
After i started using Nui+ i suddenly gets freezez that wont go away untill i exit wow and starts again then it might go an hour or 20 hours then it starts all over again...
My computer is state of the art - http://explore.toshiba.com/laptops/qosmio/X305
and i scan my computer with everything i got each night before i go to bed (just to be safe u know)

Im a active raider and i cant have that **** happening during a boss fight, does any know what to do/had experiances like this?

(im from norway so some words might be fuc*ed :P )

-Konny- From Dunemaul EU
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What other addons do you use ?

Have you tried with just nUI+ installed ?

I'm asking these questions just in case there is another addon that is conflicting with nUI once you install it.

There are many of us using this with many other addons with no problems as well so perhaps one of the addons you have we are not using and knowing which ones you have will help us narrow down which if any is conflicting.
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Im using recount, omen, titanpanel, DBM and atlastloot...
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Judging by the notebook link you posted, you have dual video cards installed? WoW has a known issue for whatever reason trying to utilize SLI. I also have 2 9800GT vid cards on my desktop and see better performance on non SLI, with V sync disabled both through the Nvidia Control Panel and also WoW's in game settings.

Another thing I've noticed is that after disabling Recount, my lag type freeze ups are quite a bit less. I've been playing around with http://www.wowinterface.com/download...mageMeter.html and it seems to be better overall.

Hope those help
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According to the WoWUI forums, there appears to be a bug in Recount right now that's causing a lot of people issues with lockups, D/C and FPS lag.

I would try running without Recount and see what happens. Dunno if Recount has an update out or not yet.

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