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nUI crash

Hi Scott,

Big fan of the addon however I am having some major problems with it as since 3.1 it crashes my game.
I got the latest development version (compliments for your newsletter) so I know I am running the correct one.
To resolve my issues i turned off every addon I had and only ran on nUI, boom bye bye game (again).
So I turned nUI off turned rest back on and not a single problem since. My guildie who also runs nUI has same issues but for her it freezes her entire PC and she just got a new one last month.
Discussed this with another guildie (works for sun micro, so I figure he knows a bit more about codes) he told me that blizz might have some codes that are causing conflicts with nUI as to what thats up in the air as he doesn't use nUI.
For the moment I will run AG or Pitbull again untill you release official nUI+ for 3.1 when you do I'll be back so fast you will most deffo go WTF and have a whiplash.

Good Luck and keep up the good (hard) work.

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If you have nUI as the only enabled add-on and log in, exactly what version number does it say is installed in the chat window?

Are you getting any error messages?

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Hi Scott,

I have deleted the entire nUI file and re-installed it and that seems to have fixed it for now however both instances were version 5.02.01.
Just saw your email for 5.02.02 will install that now and let you know if I run into any more issues.
As my guildie is offline for the weekend I can't check with her yet if she still has problems.

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