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Enchanting - an easy and fast way to enchant multiple vellums

Forgive me if I've already posted this. My search-fu's been a bit off lately. I may of posted this already I might not (or might of posted this somewhere else).

I've stumbled onto a method where you make several scrolls of enchant X which does not involve you moving your mouse over the item and right clicking.

Ok here we go :

1) Install a decent trade skill mod that does queues . EG Skillet or Advanced Trade Skill Window.

2) Make sure you have all the mats in your bags.

3) Make the following macro :

/use <name of armor or weapon vellum>

In this step it's easiest to shift-click the vellum from your bags

4) Drag this to a free action bar slot.

5) Assign said action bar slot a key binding you (eg F14)

6) Queue some scrolls to enchant.

7) When your cursor has the outline around it click the key binding for the macro you made above

For example lets make 20 Scrolls of Enchant Chest - Super Dancing

Mats for this completely fictious enchant are : 5 Infinite Dust , 3 Banana Bunchs.

Ok mats would be 100 infinite dust , 60 banana bunchs. (NB the shopping list feature/mats required feature of both mods is invaluable here)

It uses an Armor Vellum III so you'll need 20 of those.

So to apply my method above this is what I'ld do :

1) Check mats
2) Open up enchanting window
3) Queue up 20 Enchant Chest - Super Dancing
4) Click Create
5) Whenever your cursor has the little white line click your key binding for the macro you made above (F14)
6) Wait for the little crafting cast bar to finish
7) Go back to step 5
8) Repeat until all scrolls are made

Note this method could probably be used to level your Enchanting as well , just as long as you have a willing toon with Inscription to pass you Vellums.

I've found this method is a lot faster then having to highlight something and click - the vellum's going to be the same through everyone of the enchants.

Hope you guys find this usefull.
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