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Quick Question

Scott I was trying to see if that right click self cast mod RightWing could be ported over to work with nUI, its just six lines of code setting the blizzard bars
MainMenuBarArtFrame:SetAttribute("unit2", "player"); 
MultiBarLeft:SetAttribute("unit2", "player");
MultiBarRight:SetAttribute("unit2", "player");
MultiBarBottomLeft:SetAttribute("unit2", "player");
MultiBarBottomRight:SetAttribute("unit2", "player");
BonusActionBarFrame:SetAttribute("unit2", "player");
Guess what I am asking is the only reason it doesn't work because the action bars are renamed or are there further changes to the action bars in nUI that will prevent it? I tried renaming them with nUIMainBar, nUIBottomLeftBar and so on but it didn't work

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This may seem silly as I don't understand lua well at all, but what about changing the name of Rightwing so that it loads prior to nUI in the addon list. That way in theory it may work by nUI applying it's changes after Rightwing has loaded.

Just an uninformed random thought

***EDIT*** I tried it and it didn't work, lol. It was worth a shot at least.

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nUI doesn't use Blizz's action bars, and while it does reuse Blizz's action button logic, it does not reuse the actual action buttons... but I think I can tweak it to make it work... it probably needs to be done in the nUI_Button.lua code when the button is first initialized.

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