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I've been looking for the past 2 days, i know i seen it somewhere on here but can't find it again. What i would like to do is remove the Target of Target bars on the right of the HUD. and maybe move the Target bars where they Target of Targets where to give it the more oval look.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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you are unable to move, disable any of them with out playing with the code, which unless you know what your doing or some one is willing to tell you waht to edit..

Mind you check out the plugins for nui and see if someone already done somthing better.

But you can always turn it off altogether by clicking the hud button at the top of your UI, (name of button forgoten)

Hope this helps intill a code monkey can help you
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As Rich has pointed out it isn't for the faint hearted. The task you asking for will involve editing one or more layout files to adjust or add new segments to get what you want.

However, I haven't personally needed to do that set of changes to give you a quick list of steps.

Lets have a look anyway. I assume you are using the player/target hud set up. Bear in mind that I do not know for sure that this will do what you want so make sure you keep a copy of the current nUI files before changing them. Just in case. If these are the wrong instructions or it is highly suggested that you don't do it Scott I am sure will pipe in so be prepared to be disappointed and restore the files if you have changed them already.

1. So, you need to open up your folder browser to nUI\Layouts\Default\HUDLayouts\PlayerTarget folder.

2. Using any text editor open up nUI_HUDSkin_PlayerTarget_ToT.lua and you will need to set every occurence of enabled=true to enabled = false. Save the file but keep it open in the editor.

3. Now open nUI_HUDSkin_PlayerTarget_Target.lua in another editor and adjust the anchor values in here so they match the equivalent value in the ToT file.

This should theoretically do what you want but until you try and test it you won't know.
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