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A Theradrim Guardian
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Hey, its that Rhamses guy, again...

Hi all,
Gratz Scott on the invitation to Blizcon! Awesome

Been away for a while. Hit some rough spots on Life's Journey and have not been in the mood to play or learn code. Empty my change jar and scarfed enough to treat myself to the televised version.

In your discussions at Blizcon and my concept of button fading is discussed let me know. I could really use the ego-lift these days and would love to discuss more ideas.

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I"m expecting to have a one-on-one face-to-face with Bliz today. Dunno where all the conversation will lead, but I'll keep it in mind.

And my best wishes to you, as well... I have been (and am) where you are and I know the pain. Hang in there man.

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A Theradrim Guardian
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Thanks for the cowboy-up. We have much of the same psych troubles, but I was in a better place financially to start. I am 40+ and paid off the mortgage a few years back and the state is not agressive as the banks and I was able to float the taxes out when I was hit the hardest. I gotta job now albeit at 40% hit in salary, but it keeps my head above water. Almost cleared out the debt for the last layoff, but have not build up the next safety net.

I have several other ideas that I am working with, but most are not even half baked. Here is one that is half baked, but I do not know if the technology is available.

It combines xbox consol controller supplemented with the thumb keyboard (text in chat) that attatches to through the headphone jack. Most of the casting rotations are not too many keys. Using the triggers as left and right mouse button and shoulder buttons to handle alt and control gives many possibilities to supplement the A B X Y.

When I wonder about tech, I do not know if the mini-keypad speaks back and forth through the gamepad control panel. At this stage, I do not look at it as a total replacement, but might work as a nice supplement.

08-24-09, 07:24 AM   #4
A Theradrim Guardian
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I think this is DOA.

Unlike my old school mac stuff, I do not see a configurable control panel for my xbox360 controller. I had hoped to bind certain letters to buttons on the controller. Without it, I am pretty much dead in the water.


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