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Can't see herb locations

Using ver. 3.22 and it is not showing herb locations and the routing doesn't work either. I used the repair tool and totally reset game and reloaded addons and it's the same problems. I set carb to show herb locations and it does not show them, so i cant farm.. I'm still a nube so I may be not setting something right, please help
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Routing only works on what is currently shown.

Did you import the herb locations from CarboniteNodes?

From the CarboniteReadMe.txt file in the addons folder:

-- Carbonite Nodes

CarboniteNodes is a simple data addon that contains predefined locations for Herbalism and Mining. It is a load on demand addon, which means it is not actually loaded until you import data from it into Carbonite.

To import the data into Carbonite's gather data, you right click the Carbonite minimap button, select "Options" and select the Guide page of Options window. You would then left click the text that says "Import Carbonite Nodes Herbalism locations" to get the herbs and "Import Carbonite Nodes Mining locations" to get the mining data.
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No I did not.. Sounds like that explains it then Ty I'll do that
09-03-09, 11:11 PM   #4
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I am having the same issue with carbonite minimap except with mining nodes and i ...

have transferred everything from the cartographer one and from the carbonite one and still the ones I had previously marked I can no longer see. But only on the carbonite minimap. I cannot figure it out and i have been at this for going on four hours now..please soomebody help me! Thanks alot in advance for any info I may get!
09-03-09, 11:15 PM   #5
A Defias Bandit
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Talking I forgot to mention..

For some reason once I find a node and mine it they are in fact appearing on my carbonite minimap like when I first started this. However all the previous ones that i had marked from gatherer no longer appear on my carbonite minimap..Please could I get some help on this subject.. Thanks alot!

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