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Font Type

Due to a problem with the loader, I had to use the WoW repair program. Several others had this problem. While it fixed the problem of logging in, after I got my NUI+ back into the addons folder, the font in the chat window had changed. I believe it's probably the WoW interface default font type. It's pretty hard on the eyes and I much prefer the NUI font type. What can I do to fix this??

Btw, the font everywhere else on the screen is the NUI font. It's just in the chat window that's it's different and when I reply or type a message, it's the NUI font but goes to the wacked out font when it is put in the chat window.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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yuck, I hated the wow repair program with a passion .. after 4 repairs in as many weeks I just made sure I had a copy of the folder for when it messed up next time.

As to how to change the font. You probably did this before and can't remember but if you find your localisation file in the nUI folder there are 2 font variables listed. [font1] and [font2]. There will be one or more lines for each with a different font file being listed with either -- at the start of the line or not. The one with -- are commented out and not in use but the ones without them are what the game is using. Using trial and error try commenting ( -- ) and the reverse until you find the font you want.

Of course someone might be able to tell you straight off the bat which one to use.
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When you ran the repair tool... is there now two folders in your game directory named Interface and WTF with a bunch of numbers added? There should be... rename both of those folders to Interface and WTF. Those are your original folders... the repair tool simply renamed them and backed them up for you.
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