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11-14-09, 06:01 AM   #1
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Addition to /cast

Was working on my DPS rotation for my Arcane Mage and was looking for a way to simplify the clicking.

Would be really nice if they added an option that let you modify what spell was cast based on buffs/debuffs were active.

They already have a few things that could count as buffs (Stealthed, Flying) so why not expand it.

for example:

/cast [no TDebuff:Improved Scorch] Scorch; [PBuff:Missile Barrage] Arcane Missiles; [PBuff:ArcaneBlast:2] Arcane Barrage; Arcane Blast

TDebuff = Target Debuff
PBuff = Player Buff

Very little real "automation" could be done with it, but it would help make rotation efficiency just a bit easier.
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