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Vehicle Frame Override

I hope I am posting this in the correct location. I am not super savvy when it comes to the small nuances of nUI; however, I have looked through several pages of threads here, and have yet to find an answer to the question. My question is, does nUI have an option for switching the part player frames to the vehicle frames that the party members are mounted in? I did see mention of the Malygos fight, phase 3, but couldn't find my answer there. I am specifically referring to fights such as The Oculus, where you are engaging Eregos. I was trying to heal more than one target, and the party player frames were not reflecting their respective dragon's health. It made my task a little daunting, and if it is possible to fix it within nUI, I would love any help. I prefer not to outsource with another AddOn, so as to minimize the amount of memory I use. If there is a thread out there regarding this issue, I apologize for the redundant thread.
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At present the nUI party frames should (do?) show the player "pets" inside the unit frame for each player and they should work for both actual pets and vehicles both. They are active unit frames, so they can be clicked, cast spells on, etc.

That said, the raid frames do not currently show raid member pets or vehicles. That will be fixed in nUI6 but until then you really are kinda stuck with having to use another solution I'm afraid.

To be really honest, nUI5 just sucks for healers... probably because I'm missing the healy gene and haven't played a healer. My only knowledge of needs for healers comes from their comments here. Hopefully, however, I've learned enough from them that nUI6 will be much more healer friendly.

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Ah excellent. Well at least I have a definitive answer to my question. I thank you also for the timely response. It's funny, because I never heal... ever. I play a Retadin, it just happened that I was forced on a green drake in Oculus. Also I really love nUI, and this has been the only issue I personally was snagged on. I am excited to see how nUI 6 runs. Keep up the great work!

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