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Favorites -LDB for Trade Skills

I love the categories option on ATSW. I was wondering (and this is an idea I had from another post on the forum), if any addon developer would be willing to create a Favorites LDB Addon, for one step clicking/creating. What I'm picturing is say everytime your bags get full you like to bolt all your cloth or turn them into bandages. You go to the covenant LDB, roll over it and have a list of your favorites in the tooltip. We could then roll down the mouse until bolt of Bolt of Frostweave or Heavy Frostweave Bandages were highlighted. Left click to make a single and right click to create all.

It would be awesome if it could actually do a que process where you can do two or three things. Like say if you wanted to make imbued frostweave you could right-click on the create all. It would then go through the process of making the bolts of frostweave, then have a popup stating "Click if you would like to proceed." Click the red button and then off it would go.

A possible way to do multiple crafting (or what I might call projects)might be to set up a step system. For example:
Select Skill Set: (check box for Blacksmith/Smelting/Cooking/First Aide. This is what determines what Category it would be in.)
Name: Bronze Bars(This would be the name that appears in favorites)
Step 1:Smelt Copper -(right click from recipe book to fill in)
Step 2:Smelt Tin -(right click from recipe book to fill in)
Step 3:--you would obviously leave the rest of the fields blank because they wouldn't be needed. Maybe after you filled in a recipe and tabbed another field would appear or you could have a max of how many can be in project like 5 recipes.
Then have a "done" button to complete the process.

So when adding recipes to the Favorites you could have two options: Single recipe or multiple crafting/projects.

Single recipe should allow you to include making a basic cooking fire but since that's not in the recipe list but in the spell book I thought it should be mentioned.

There could also be the option of multiple LDB's for each skill or just have one list for those who won't have much. If there is only one LDB. You might get a list like this:
Fish Feast
Create Frostweave Bag
Create Moonshroud
Create Ebonweave
Create Glacier Bag
Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats
Exceptional Spellpower
Enchant Boots - Icewalker

On the LDB itself maybe you could assign an absolute favorite to show, or have an option for the last used. Then with a middle click/mod Right or left click to access the menu which would have the options of A) Add recipe (--> Single recipe, Project; B)Manage List C) Other options -Auto confirming some of the boxes below if possible. Include bank inventory-it would be nice if that was per skill but I don't think that's possible .

Mange List: It would be nice if it had very simple popup frame. Options might be: -Add (just incase) -Edit -Delete -Top -Bottom -Alphabetical -Show Categories (check box allowing skills names to show Imagine the list above without the skill names.). It might be nice if you could highlight the recipe as well and left click to drag it up or down to position it in the list or right click and it would also have the menu -Add/Edit/Delete

Pitfalls I could see:
If you don't have the regents: If you don't have the mats for one of the multiple recipe items or even a single recipe maybe a movable pop-up box. "Mats not available for: Crafting item" Since you can either left click for creating one or right for creating all I'm assuming this would only happen if you selected create 1.
If you already have the items in your inventory: ATSW and Skillet already consider this in the que when making an item. I would hope there would be a way to just make what was needed. Possible pop up: "You have 7 bolt of imbued frostweave but need 11 more to complete project. Click 'Confirm' to create the desired amount. ~Confirm~" The desired amount would be the 11 bolts you needed. It might be nice to have an auto confirm for this.
Items in bank: Depending on the addon or lack there of it might include your bank information. So you might have a option when creating all. "You can make 15 bolts of x with current inventory or 45 bolts of x with inventory in the bank. "Click proceed to do current inventory only or cancel to wait until you've gathered inventory from the bank." Also this might fall into the created regent section as well so maybe that could mention it as well. "You have 7 bolt of imbued frostweave in bag and 5 bolt of imbued frostweave in you bank but need 6 more to complete project. Click 'Confirm' to create the desired amount. ~Confirm~" Before or even after you click confirm and create the 6 bolts you needed the "continue process" would display allowing you to run to the bank pick up the items and then continue with making your items.
Interrupted when crafting: It would be nice to have click-able option to continue or cancel.

Those are the only issues I can think of. I also realize that this is a very detailed request. Please let me know if is at least feasible. Not to mention if anyone would want to pick up the gauntlet for this.

~Thanks This was inspired by Ara Broker-Cooldown options and the forum post mentioned above.

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