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Btex and TGA help, Tranparent!!

Im all new to this "skinning"/"Graphics" UIs. and im not talking about stuff like change the texture of in game stuff or any EULA breaking..

What i have done is i have taken the demonic skin from:

and changed it to go with my Draenei character and other future Draenei characer i mite roll.

Here is what i looks like and where my problem is.

I use Photoshop CS3 and i have no idea how to work GIMP!! so anyone knows how to get the transparent to work??
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You need to set up an alpha layer for the transparency. Here's a helpful guide: http://forums.wowace.com/showthread.php?t=15439
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thanks i got it working after a few trys... now i just need to work on the shadows around the Draenei and fix the minimap..

Other then that is looks good..

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Dont forget to share your work ! and thx for using btex !
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Same Problem, Kinda...

Ok im also new to this creating custom skins and such. I use btex and it works great with the already installed skins. BUT, i wanted to make my own that is pretty cool and i tried and had no idea what i was doing. So far i have this.


Its the final way i want it to look but i really dont know where to go from there. Ive been reading forums and tutorials and i cant follow any of them. I know theres something with alpha files and 4 different files?.... i wont go into it bt anyhow could someone give me a rundown on where to go from there?

MUCH appreciated...
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