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nUI Crashes since 3.3.5

Hello. First I would just like to commend you on a wonderful interface. I absolutely love it.

That being said, I've been having issues since 3.3.5 dropped. Sometimes in certain places it seems to cause wow to crash. I have attached the text doc of the error report as well as a screenshot. It's pretty random when it happens, the only places I can really pinpoint it consistently happening is all around Dalaran and directly in front of the door to ICC(10/25). I am running nUI+ v. 5.06.26. It seemed to be much worse immediately after the patch - doesn't seem to crash quite as often now with your updates but that could just be my speculation as I downloaded the updates promptly after the patch. I have tested it out running around Dalaran with the Blizzard base UI and it seems to be a conflict with nUI as I did not crash without it. Also, I am running on a pretty solid gaming system that has yet to give me any issues, so I doubt it has to do with that.

On my main character I am running the following addons:
Atlasloot, Auctioneer (with bundled addons), GearScore, Gladius, Healbot, KillingBlow, Omen3, OneBag3, OneBank3, Rankwatch, Recount, ZOMG, and DBM.
All of which worked just fine with nUI before patch 3.3.5. My other toons have some slightly different addons but they also all worked fine with nUI prior to the patch.

I also wanted to point out that so far it has NEVER happened to me while inside of any sort of dungeon, raid, or battleground (which is a good thing).

I thought I'd bring it to your attention and see if there's anything you can do. I'm still able to use nUI without problems for serious content (raiding, pvp), it's just an annoyance more than anything else. Text doc and screenshot are attached. If you need me to save the text doc every time it happens I'd be happy to. If you have any questions or need any additional information from me, please do tell.

Thanks again for all your work on this great interface. Take care.
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It's actually a known blizz bug for 64 bit OS systems since the patch. Blizzard are asking for more information if people have any to help them to track down the main cause. 56 pages at least from my just looking now.

Out of Storage error / 3.3.5
We'd like to thank everyone for pointing out this problem to us. We've collected a lot of info already and passed it on to be investigated. From what we've seen, it's related to a 64 bit OS and higher than usual memory usage. Please post here if you have any additional, pertinent info to add. Please do not post "me too" threads as they're of no help at this time.
The fact that you're using nUI just exacerbates the existing problem rather than being the cause. You have the existing memory problem that they are trying to track down with nUI's extensive operations eating up more which means you hit that limit sooner with nUI than with most other addons.
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Hmm. I see. Well, my apologies for assuming it was an nUI conflict. Guess all I can do at this point is continue to send error reports and wait. Maybe turn down some settings while in Dalaran.

Thanks so much for the quick response.

Take care.
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This post recommends reducing your view distance as a solution to the problem: http://www.wow.com/2010/06/24/patch-...storage-error/

For the record, I am experiencing this problem as well and that did fix it for me. I have also noticed that this patch has markedly reduced my frame rate... reducing the shadow detail greatly helps that issue.

So, there are definitely some serious issues in the graphics engine.

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