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Exclamation nUI+ (maybe vanilla too): Anchor Positions need adjusting.

Version: 5.06.26 (Plus)

I play windowed (not window-maximized because i like to move my client between my two monitors a lot.)

When my game launches up it's @ 1680x1050, to which i maximize the game to fit my 1920x1200 screen, (or my other 1680x1050 screen).

When I do this once wow is logged in, some things (namely the Chat box & Combat log) are not positioned right. I have to reload ui.

I suggest changing the anchor to the Bottom-Left/Bottom-Right respectively and binding them to the corners of UIParent, this way thier offset is the same each time the client is resized.


An example of what i'm talking about...

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This is actually a different issues related to the new chat frames. Several people have reported this anchoring issue with the chat frames, but I have yet to have figured out what is causing it.

For the record, the anchor is actually changing in-game. It's not where it's anchored that the issue, it that it is a whole new anchor and not of my choosing.

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Being an addon author I feel I can suggest this for you to try.

If you are using one of your own addons or can create a simple one. Create one that tracks events running.


My guessing is that every time it misaligns PLAYER_LOGIN is appearing before UPDATE_CHAT_WINDOWS. The latter being the event that is called after blizz has updated all the chat windows.

For those that are repeatedly getting this issue perhaps you can test this out also. Here's one I wrote to test it out myself but for me it only seems to happen when I don't have the addon running rofl.

It also writes the last session event order to the wtf saved variable file so when you see it happen while the addon is running, log out and rename the file so that it doesn't get overwritten and then post it up here.

It will hopefully confirm my suspicions that either PLAYER_LOGIN or UPDATE_CHAT_WINDOWS is being inconsistent.
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