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Okay, well I found out how to fix the last problem, but a new problem comes up.. It was something to do with having old installation files and deleting them. I get loaded up as far as clicking accept the new terms of agreement for the new patch download, but then it crashes and I get this error:

This application has encountered a critical error:

ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception
Program: C:\Users\Andrew\Desktop\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe
Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 0023:0035B7FB

The instruction at "0x0035B7FB" referenced memory at "0x00000038".
The memory could not be "read".

Can someone help?
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Originally Posted by Myrlidion View Post
An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file.

Program: G:\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe
File: DBFilesClient\Achievement_Category.dbc

78BFB2F45D415C3DA703A5115A621822 7956 0
Are you sure you're deleting it from the right folder ?

Don't forget that if your on a flavor of windows that uses UAC then you're effectively going to have two wow folders. You need to be deleting it out of the right one.

The only other thing i can suggest is to wipe the file at wow folder->Data->enUS->patch-enUS-2.MPQ then go to the WTF folder and wipe Launcher.wtf

Then open the Launcher and let it stream it back in.
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