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Druid Feral Cat addons and ui mods

Ok this probably has been asked but searching didn't revel much for what I am looking for.

I am a level 64 feral druid in outlands right now. Am not a pvp'r nor do I do dungeons at this time. Will get into dungeons later as I have issues with following critter attacks and such. I am looking for a nice ui to give me access to a wide range of spells and such I run a 24" lcd at max res so I have some good screen real estate. I currently am using for addons FBNlite (just installed not used it yet) Questhelper2 Titanpanel Gatherer Gathermate2 Auctionator Auctioneer Auction Profit Master. Would like some druid specific addons that would help me or some other general addons.

I am not happy with the default minimap was using carbonite but it got a bit unruly at times so if anyone can recommend a nice map replacement or enhancement that would be great. Also would be nice since I use wowhead for quest help to get something to set waypoints to the coords they supply as well as something to display them prominently

Again I apologize if asked before but tried searching but my results were not what I was really looking for.

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