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The point really is changing a MPQ file by either adding/updating/changing/deleting files in it is just a bad idea.

NOW if there is a way to change that screen by dropping a new graphic into the DATA folder now that is a different story. No MPQ modification there, but I don't think it would work like it does with audio.

I do know there is a addon here that makes the current login screen black (Black login Screen .. currently broken :P ) and silent and as far as I know no one has been in trouble for using it.
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Another good reason this could be troublesome, is certain gold companies, ad agencies, etc, could put ads in the UI's that millions of people download. Wouldn't that be fun, download a UI that you like, every loading screen is an ad. We might have innocent intentions, whether it be boobies, or pictures of our beautiful wives (she's behind me), but I'm sure there are plenty of nefarious companies that would exploit this to no end.

(I'm a web marketer by trade, so that's the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this thread lol)
- Vox

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Originally Posted by Kreelor View Post
1. Because I'm an artist with a vivid imagination.

2. I play the game very often, therefore I'm bored with seeing the same few load-up screens (the ones I see outside the actual online game).

3. For the sake of novelty, I'd like to see my own artwork, and change it when I desire something different.

etc... etc... etc...

I used to be able to open a .mpq file (in older games) and extract images (.jpg, .bmp, etc.), modify them with CorelPaint, and resave them. It's been too many years since I've done that, so my memory is vague on even how I did it. Heh heh.

Anyway, I don't see the harm -- even potential harm, from editing a static opening screen image.

It would be just for viewing on my local system during game boot-up and could not interfere with the game-play itself.

Can it be done? Anybody know how I can do it? It's on my own machine.
Simply put...Changing the graphic files may not be a big deal, but they are part of the larger archive of files which includes some files that could potentially be exploited and I would wager that blizzard would not want the headache of dealing with people because they or someone else broke their .MPQ file. I don't always agree with the restrictions that blizzard puts in place on what we can and can not do to modify our game experience, but their goal remains the same. To protect the end users who pay to play the game and the overall enjoyment of the game itself for all those users. Blizzard puts restrictions so you can't win on autopilot and so others can't cause harm to your account/computer or risk the security of your account information. They aren't always successful at this and sometimes the restrictions are dumb, but in this case the restriction makes sense (to me at least).

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