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Sorting tables with no garbage (table.sort alternatives)

Hi all,
if you need to sort tables quite frequently you'll find that table.sort causes a lot of garbage memory. Here are two memory friendly in-place alternatives (parameter compatible to table.sort). Maybe some people finding this helpful:

1. Shell sort (around 1/3 slower than table.sort which is a quick sort implementation in lua):

local tIncrements = {
	1391376, 463792, 198768, 86961, 33936,
	13776, 4592, 1968, 861, 336,
	112, 48, 21, 7, 3, 1

local tInc;
local tSwap;
local tCnt0, tCnt, tCnt2;
local tSize;
local tVal;
local tVal2;
function shellSort(aTable, aValidator)
  for tCnt0 = 1, #tIncrements do
    tInc = tIncrements[tCnt0];
    for tCnt = tInc + 1, #aTable do
      tVal = aTable[tCnt];

      for tCnt2 = tCnt - tInc, 1, -tInc do
        tVal2 = aTable[tCnt2];
        if (not aValidator(tVal, tVal2)) then

        aTable[tCnt] = tVal2;
        tCnt = tCnt2;
      aTable[tCnt] = tVal;
For tables which most likely are sorted already (or close to being sorted) even good old bubble sort can be very fast:

local tCnt, tCnt2, tSize;
local tVal1, tVal2;
local tIsSwapped;
function bubbleSort(aTable, aValidator)
	tSize = #aTable - 1;
	for tCnt = 1, tSize do

		tIsSwapped = false;
		for tCnt2 = tCnt, tSize do
			tVal1 = aTable[tCnt2];
			tVal2 = aTable[tCnt2 + 1];
			if (not aValidator(tVal1, tVal2)) then
				aTable[tCnt2] = tVal2;
				aTable[tCnt2 + 1] = tVal1;
				tIsSwapped = true;

		if (not tIsSwapped) then
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