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Get missing items....every single time.

Hi all,

First, if the authors read this, I would like to thank them again for the addon - it's the most complete, essential and professional addon that I use and I, and many others, really appreciate you guys continuing to update it and work on it despite your moving away from playing WoW.

But I have a slight issue right now - since the latest update, I've had Carbonite prompt me to ask if I want to get items from the server (with the warning it may cause a disconnect) every time. If I click yes, the message goes away and I don't hear anything again. If I click no, it asks me if I want to delete vendor data so that I don't get the message again. No matter which one I click I still get prompted each time I login.

It's a minor annoyance - but is there any way to get rid of it? Does it suggest that Carbonite is not able to save any data that it picks up while I'm playing?
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When mine was doing this on every login, i went into options -> General and unchecked "Enable request for missing items from server" and it stopped that from happening.

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