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Massive framerate lag


I love carbonite, it's awesome and all but lately it's been acting up and I really don't know why.

The past few weeks on the first raiding day of the week I have to reboot my computer because frame rate lag becomes so bad, and just now doing Tol Barad battle.

I always try restarting the game first but it doesn't fix it. Since that doesn't fix it, I am forced to do a complete reboot of my computer (I sleep my computer when not in use). Today in Tol Barad I started with a quick restart of WoW and got no where. Since i was in the battle and my framerate was so low I decided to just try hiding my UI and it fixed my framerate. I showed my UI again and framerate went back to .5. I disabled carbonite and my framerate never wavered.

I had chocked it up to firelands being a lot of fire and taxing my video card and it needed a fresh reboot, but since it seems to be carbonite, i have no idea.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? thanks
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Try running with Carbonite as your only enabled addon. That's the only way to really tell if the problem is being caused by Carbonite alone.
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