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01-12-12, 01:28 AM   #19
A Kobold Labourer
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Hey Maul,

I'm another one of those that registered just to post on your big addon update thread. Have been a big fan since I installed it after looking for more bars on my setup and see Macaroon as probably my biggest most important addon next to my raid frame one.

I currently have a couple issues with some gear items, which is also my suggestion. I understand your Spell & Macro Binder plugin allows for the Blizzard Spells and Macros to work off the bat with the Macaroon Macro bank but I wonder if that same functionality could be applied to equipment without writing a whole macro sequence or using Action IDs since I can't stand the 120 limit Blizzard puts in place. My potion/food/scroll/poison bar alone is 30.

But for example; the Wrap of Unity (Teleports you to Org/StormWind). I never have this on cause it gives no stats besides the teleport so if I want to use it it has to be on an Action ID. Or an even better example being; (which I'm sure you know about), the Equipment Manager. The gearsets cannot be placed on Macaroon either without turning the buttons into Action IDs. I was wondering if those two button types could be added to the MMB Macros or a plugin addon because it would give me a huge comfort to not use those damn Blizz Action IDs that I hate with a passion. I have an Arena Resto Druid and my stance configs do not play nice with elaborate bar combinations and custom macros.

Which brings me to just one more suggestion, allow the option to ignore some Druid states? Like if I'm in travel form the bar stays the same without me having to add every single macro from my (normal) caster form? I'm actually not 100% positive of this being possible with the custom bar states and have it work with Possess as well since I tried adding the [bonusbar6] and [nostance], etc with little to no success. But I would love for it to be an option.

Sorry for my long post and good luck on the project Maul.

Sincerely, a big fan.

P.s. (this is totally a bribe) I'll buy you a coke if they're added. :P

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