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API Changes for 19 Apr 05 patch (1300)

Lots of changes this patch, mostly around honor and the battlefields.


Removed in favor of TogglePVP()


Called with a true argument to accept porting into a battlefield, or nil
to reject/leave queue.

Clears the player currently being inspected (Called on hide of
inspect frame)

waitTime = GetBattlefieldEstimatedWaitTime()
Get estimated wait for entry into the battlefield.

mapName, mapDescription, minLevel, maxLevel, mapID, mapX, mapY, mapFull = GetBattlefieldInfo(index)
Get detailed information about a battlefield.

shutdownTimerMillis = GetBattlefieldInstanceExpiration()
Get shutdown timer for the battlefield instance

instanceID = GetBattlefieldInstanceInfo(index)
Get information about a battlefield instance.

expirationMillis = GetBattlefieldPortExpiration()
Get the number of milliseconds before the battlefield port expires.

status, mapName, instanceID = GetBattlefieldStatus()
Get status information for the battlefield

Get current multi-sampling (antialiasing) format.

lifetimeRank, sessionHK, sessionDK, yesterdayHK, yesterdayDK,
lastweekHK, lastweekDK, lifetimeHK, lifetimeDK,
yesterdayContribution, lastweekContribution,
lastweekRank = GetInspectHonorData()
Get the honor information about the inspected unit (Phew!)

Get the available multi-sample formats.

hk, dk, contribution, rank = GetPVPLastWeekStats()
Get the statistics about your PvP contribution for last week.

hk, dk, highestRank = GetPVPLifetimeStats()
Get the statistics about your lifetimes PvP contribution

rankName, rankNumber, GetPVPRankInfo(rank [, unit])
Get information about a specific rank (Second arg not used by UI)

hk, dk = GetPVPSessionStats()
Get the statistics about your PvP contribution for this session.

Get the statistics about your PvP contribution for yesterday.

hasMainHandEnchant, mainHandExpiration, mainHandCharges,
hasOffHandEnchant, offHandExpiration, offHandCharges = GetWeaponEnchantInfo()
Get lots of information about weapon enchantments and charges.

hasData = HasInspectHonorData()
Determine if the inspected unit's honor data has been loaded.

Request honor data for inspected unit.

New API function - unknown purpose

Select multi-sample (antialias) format to use.

Request list of available battlefield instances.

Toggle your PVP status

rankName, rankNumber = UnitPVPRank("unit")
Return PVP rank information for a unit.


Credit Iriel, as usual This thread.

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