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How to get Skada to play nice

Not sure which is creating the nUI 1 and nUI 2 windows but they are both side by side in the stat box 1st time I load WoW after installing Skada. The title bar for both windows is just above the top edge of the stat box, almost like a tab. Ascetically I'd prefer it to be within the confines of the stat frame. If I delete a window the remaining window only fills half the width of the frame. When I unlock the window to 'stretch' it to fit the stat box that window immediately moves up just enough to cover the bag bar and 'snaps' to the right side. No matter how I try to get it back into place or where else I try to move it to the window snaps back to the right side (in line with where I tried to place it). The same thing occurs x2 if I don't delete a window but just unlock the windows to try to adjust them. What I'd like is for Skada to fill the stat box area with only 1 window and have that window show threat in combat and dps out of combat which is what I'm currently getting with Omen/Recount. Having 2 windows side by side is too crowded for my taste and makes it difficult to read the threat numbers at a quick glance while tanking. So question is...is this strictly a Skada (latest version) issue or is there some type of conflict happening between nUI+ (latest release)?

Edit: I just yanked my WTF, Cache and Interface folders launched default WoW, quit and dropped in clean install of nUI+, launched to make sure it was working properly, quit and added Skada. Same results as above. Running WoW with no addons other than Skada I am able to place the Skada window(s) anywhere I want and they stay put.

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I suspect what you're seeing is nUI's built-in Skada functionality. Not sure how to change that. It will probably take editing nui_infopanel_skada.lua. Scott will know.
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Yes that is the nUI skada functionality. I don't think there is anything that can be done to stop that without editing the nUI skada file.
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Tyvm for the answer ;p. I could live with either both windows side by side (after a period of adjustment) or even muddling thru trying to edit the lua file but atm Skada is also refusing to mode switch for me. Suspect I just haven't found the right combo of settings but since Recount and Omen both cooperate without all the extra hassle I'll stick with them for the time being. Do like the concept of one addon doing the work of 2 and probably having a smaller CPU/memory 'footprint' but I'm not that comfortable with the editing necessary...and I'm probably just a touch lazy ;p.

Still love nUI+ and really hope Blizz doesn't do anything to serious 'break' it since there really doesn't seem to be anything else out there that fit my needs and playstyle. Really appreciate all the work Scott and the rest of you put in on it and the plugins for it. Am looking forward to seeing the new and improved nUI 6.
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OK, decided to redownload and tinker with Skada a bit more today and it is now actually mode switching. Using the same settings I tried before so not really sure what was up with it yesterday. Gremlins most likely ;p. I tinkered with the nUI_InfoPanel_Skada.lua file and now only have the one window, even got it adjusted to fill the info panel space. From the limited testing it appears to work fine. My question now is, could I have edited the file to be cleaner? I really haven't played with lua so was just winging it. Main concern is having something hang up at some rather inopportune moment and start throwing errors at me ;p. Attached a copy of my modified file if someone wants to take a look. I wasn't sure if I could get away with editing out both 'window1' and 'window2' so just opted to remove 'window2' and the corresponding 'nUI_Skada2' entries.
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