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05-18-12, 08:26 PM   #21
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Well, diablo is working fine for me. If your not getting in game etc, pm me and maybe I can help. But the game is up and running for me.

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Credendo Vides
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They just did a bunch of rolling restarts. Check again, you should probably be able to get in now.
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05-19-12, 03:47 AM   #23
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Originally Posted by kasca View Post
I still dont understand WHY Bliz released a game that wont work. A single shooter is to be play solo on your OWN computer! It should work no matter what. Oh i know why they released something that dont work...GREAD MONEY! glad i didnt pay for it. Bliz is shown every one thats all they care about. 2 games read for release you fire 300 computer peaple. Wonder why it dont work?
IIRC it was 600, and they were customer support. When Blizzard had their giant bump with the release of World of Warcraft, they had to hire more customer support to meet the extreme numbers of subscribers. While doing that was necessary, I guess it wasn't the most effective way to form a good customer support.

Now, years later, their website handles much of the common issues so most players won't even have to contact the support team. And while this maybe sounds harsh, and I'm pretty certain Blizzard thinks so too, having 600 people you don't really need as a result of ineffective recruiting/building of your support is expensive. Very expensive!

Guess I should add that this is my view of it, it may or may not be the reason they fired people.
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05-21-12, 05:46 PM   #24
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It funnie the article i read didnt say they where costomer service. It stated they where computer desiners. SO to me that the staff working on there products. Looking at what there puting in mop and what diablo is doing. Ya they should keep all them one way or other. Becase saying you have ingame service is BS. Ever put in anything in game or on the site. You lucky if you hear somethng in a week. Usally it never.
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05-21-12, 08:02 PM   #25
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I've never once had to wait more than a few days - at the very most - for a ticket to be answered. Never over a week or ignored completely.
"Someday we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and quickly change the subject."

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05-22-12, 04:40 PM   #26
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The last time I waited more than 24 hours for a reply from Blizzard was when WotLK launched. The longest I've waited in the last year was about 16 hours.

BTW, I am on an extended break from WoW due to boredom. I continue to pay for all three of my accounts, even though I've only logged in to them once a month since November. I see no point in closing them or making a big fuss because I'm still certain that I will return in time. Should that certainty falter, I'll just quietly close my accounts and move on. I have bigger things to be concerned about than a replaceable pastime, no point in getting stressed over it.
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