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All I can say. Players leave and some come back later. They try new things, get bored and may eventually come back. All in all WoW delivers pretty good entertainment. The LFR/LFG is good and evil in person. You loose personality but you can gear up faster. Thus making it possible for re-entering players to catch up faster thus they do not get the feeling of being cut-off.

Before we had that we could do 1-2 dungeons a night max. It took hours and loot got delivered on a DKP system. Thats all gone.

Players decided they wanted 20min dungeons so they got them.

If you want personality in the game you have to create them on your own and on your own server. That is the only reliable source. Join a guild or gather up a group of people to do stuff regularly.

Regarding UI. I thought of creating some new stuff but I really like my interface at it's current point and see no point doing sth else that I'm not going to use by myself. Most of the UI's are just a bunch of compilations with unitframes put to different places. Before we had TUKUI derivates there were Pitbull UI's all over the place.
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Originally Posted by zork View Post
Before we had TUKUI derivates there were Pitbull UI's all over the place.
Yes, but they were mostly unique. TukUI derivates all look the same except for positioning of unitframes. Not that that's automatically a bad thing, but it gets old.

I can mention many people who might not have come up with new concepts and rather decided to follow suit, hell I'm one of them, but they still made good UIs. It looked different, even though it was about the same because there's only so much you can do when you try to cut down on everything.
But this was interesting to me, people were always trying to maximize on usefulness and cut down on uselessness. I think that's what kept most of the minimalists going, the sense of "competition".

I don't get that feeling with TukUI derivates. It's all the same plain old borders that aren't unique, the same textures, the same panels, it's just all the same.

Also regarding WoW, people change. People grow out of things, people eventually will grow out of WoW. It's not fun but it's inevitable.
I'm personally just holding out for MoP at this point. I really hope they succeed in making the game as fun as it once was. I believe that if the game is good, the UI community will come back.
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IMO it's not Tuk's UI that started the "all UIs look the same" phenomenon, it's the whole minimalist craze. Sure there were minimalist UIs before, but these were rare, extreme cases adopted by a minority of people. The game was also a bit more difficult and you couldn't get away with having just 3 spells on your action bars or no buffs showing.

So people needed more information, more addons, more stuff on their screen. And with more stuff on your screen, there's more different ways you can arrange said stuff. That's why we had so many different looking UIs, because everyone had different needs, different roles, different amounts of information on their screen, and, maybe most importantly, different tastes. People weren't really worried about memory/CPU back then either (which is ironic seeing as how now we have more powerful PCs but always strive for low memory/CPU consumptions).

Then the game got easier, our action bars and raid frames got smaller, our boss warnings fewer, the default UI more efficient. Everyone cut down on useless stuff and, as a result, everyone had fewer stuff on their screen. And with less stuff came less possibilities of arranging said stuff.

Before, a raiding UI consisted of 4-5 unit frames with their own buffs and debuffs, Omen window full of bars, damage meters, boss warnings, 25 people raid frames, minimap, (large) chat tab, buff/cooldown warnings and other miscellanea for different classes and roles.

Now you can get away with just two unit frames (text replacing the rest), a select list of important buffs/debuffs, percentage number for threat, default boss warnings, 10 people raid frame (or literally just a percentage health text for each member), minuscule minimap and chat, and that's about it. With such a small and finite number of things on your screen, and the fact that people are allergic to art/panels of any kind in their UIs, there's only so much you can do to make a unique UI.

People still made good, functional UIs back in the day, and perhaps it was even more challenging, making sure all that information was presented in a coherent, clean way. But now there's really no way you can go wrong with a UI, with so few things to be mindful of.

And lastly, don't forget the fact that everyone is, in one way or another, looking for that "perfect" UI. Once they find it, they stop experimenting and throwing around good ideas/designs and settle for one layout. Which is good for the person but bad for the community as a whole.

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Originally Posted by feraldrood View Post

man, I leave for a sec. and there's no more ui design discussion/debate, or "look at my shiny ui" threads anymore. I mean, yes everything is still here and i recognize some of the old hats (still doing cool stuff guys) but it feels like some creepy deserted town where theres no more community.

my spider senses are telling me the ui community is just fu**ed- lich king/2nd half of bc were the golden days.

is it just me though? help lol

I found a UI that I like (ElvUI) and have stuck with it for quite some time. Since I'm happy with the UI I use, there's no point in me visiting the UI threads. Hell, I don't even post much anymore because I'm too busy enjoying the game (after almost 5 years I still love Wow and find immense joy in it) and not worrying about my UI.
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I know I'm not known here or anything, but yes I got fed up of WoW for an year now and only recently returned because of a Scroll and I'm enjoying WoW again. I left at the beginning of Cataclysm, the game wasn't fun any more for me, 6 straight years takes its toll.

I still use my lumUI based on my lumen oUF frames, although I need to fix some stuff. I think when logging in one can feel that the servers are way more empty...
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I haven't made any significant changes to my UI in a long time. I guess after 6 or so years of tweaking, I finally got it right. I still fiddle a little bit with fonts and bar textures, but nothing worth posting about. Until significant changes are made to the game (eg. making the game harder again so that things like threat meters, boss timers, and detailed raid frames are worth looking at) I don't anticipate changing much in my UI. I'd guess that a lot of other people are in similar positions with their own UIs.

All the TukUI edits and such seemed mainly aimed at attracting other people to use them, rather than being designed to meet the needs of the person creating them. While there's not necessarily anything wrong with that, it does mean that the main changes are purely aesthetic (eg. different art panels, colored borders, fonts, and such) instead of driven by actual needs/wants for better functionality or usability, which greatly reduces the amount of change you're going to see between iterations.
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This topic seems even more relevant now with the main stickied thread hardly being updated. Post some more guys!
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