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Spell Name Changes (Immolate = Corruption)

It is either bugged or Blizzard has internally changed the names of spells to support the new talent system. What I have found is that the internal name of the warlock spell "Immolate" is "Corruption".

I basically have a mini addon to call SetBinding to implement all of my key bindings. On live, the following works
/script SetBindingSpell("3", "Immolate")
This would bind Immolate to key 3. On MOP Beta, I have to do the following to bind Immolate to key 3
/script SetBindingSpell("3", "Corruption")
Another is to use Shadow Bolt to bind Incinerate. I'm finding this out by using the following function and passing in spell book ids.

function PrintName(inputIndex)

   local skillType, spellId = GetSpellBookItemInfo(inputIndex, BOOKTYPE_SPELL)

   if (spellId ~= nil) then



   local name, rank, icon = GetSpellInfo(spellId)

   if (icon ~= nil) then



   if (name ~= nil) then



I haven't found a good programmatic way to this as
name = GetSpellInfo("Immolate")
returns Immolate and not Corruption.

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