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08-17-12, 04:06 PM   #19
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Xrystal - Thank you very much!

I changed the values in the Interface > AddOns > nUI > Integration > nUI_Bazooka.lua file as follows:
local function DetectBazooka_Bars()
-- nUI_ProfileStart( ProfileCounter, "DetectBazooka_Bars" );

if (pre180() == true) then return end

if (Bazooka.TopAnchor) then
nUI_TopBarsLocator:SetPoint("BOTTOM", Bazooka.TopAnchor, "BOTTOM", 1295, 0);
nUI_TopBarsLocator:SetPoint("BOTTOM", UIParent, "TOP", 1295, 0);

if (Bazooka.BottomAnchor) then
nUI_BottomBarsLocator:SetPoint("TOP", Bazooka.BottomAnchor, "TOP", 1295, 0);
nUI_BottomBarsLocator:SetPoint("TOP", UIParent, "BOTTOM", 1295, 0);

-- nUI_ProfileStop();
Again, thank you very much for your patience and assistance.

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