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Unacceptable behaviour on our site

Not allowing this post to remain here in it's current format. If you persist, you will be given a vacation from the site. ~ Cairenn

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It is entirely up to the authors of an addon to decide whether or not they continue to update it. The fact that they allowed donations does not by any means force them to continue updating the addon. However, we understand the frustration caused by their disapproval of fan updates.

That said, when posting on these forums, you are required to follow our site rules:

1. Post with respect and courtesy. Debate is fine ... so long as when you disagree with someone, you respond in a civilized and constructive manner.

2. No libel. No defamation of character. Don't come here and slam/flame anyone/thing. Don't come here sounding off that Blizz sucks, EQ sucks, mod_author_01 sucks, etc and so on. None of that. You want to post things like that, take it elsewhere, there are enough other boards that cater to that type of thing. This isn't FlameVault. See 1.
Please make sure in the future that your posts comply with these rules.

Thank you.

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