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09-27-12, 07:56 PM   #81
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Originally Posted by Entropyutd View Post
Thank you for continuing to support this addon.

As for my take on the situation, I think it takes balls of brass to continue to take donations and then sit on your arses giving your user base zero feedback.
I appreciate that this is your baby, but the very least you owe those who have donated is a quick sticked message on the forums or main page letting us know what is or isn't going to happen.
Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
I might be bias'd but i'd say better... scenario tracking, challenge mode timers, panda maps, group questing works...

I'm confused.. Your version works better? Or the new official one with the fixes?

Thank you for the fan update while the devs were mia by the way. Thank you.
09-28-12, 01:45 AM   #82
A Murloc Raider
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Angry updates?

Has there been any new updates because this is terrible without the quest data. Plus the map isn't displayed right.
09-28-12, 06:38 AM   #83
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currently its not working right in pandalandmany of the quests cant be tracked because carbonite is saying the quest isnt in the database .. plus in the normal azeroth quest related areas would be color coded but not in pandaworld
09-28-12, 10:40 PM   #84
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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
If you can get your hands or still have my fan update, replacing localization.lua in the official 5.041 will make it work again. Sadly I know some have asked about russian but that's not one I got done before I had to stop.

Replacing localization.lua makes the russian work. (my wife is Russian and I downloaded the european client so I could choose Russian language for her. She was used to using Carbonite for the quests and originally it did not work until someone elsewhere in this forum posted to replace the lua file for localization.
09-28-12, 10:54 PM   #85
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How can be quest data be updated or something? It's driving me nuts, when half of the quest are red, and can't track them.

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