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SavedVariables question in the WTF folder.

first of all , allow me to apologize for the butchering of the English language that you're about to witness here, English isn't my native, or even my 2nd language for that matter, please bare with me.

I have some of the lau files that should be placed in the SavedVariables folder in the WTF directory, I have done this million of times in the past, whenever a newer version of addon releases , or if I have to delete my whole WTF folder, i save those lau files configs of the specific addon, that was originally in my /SavedVariables folder, then I just place it in there one more time, and my profiles, settings, would showup in the game for that specific addon, normally I do this with two main addons, MikScrollingCombatText & Tidyplates....They have massive installation and setup, but I have done my own profiles in both, and I save the savedvariables file that said Addonname.lau and Addonname.lau.bak , and as i said, whenever i put these back in my wtf folder, my profile would show up.

Sorry for making this longer than it should , After the expansion, my problem is that I installed the newest version of these addons, now I bring my profiles lau savedvariables back in my wtf folder, and try to login into the game, whenever I log inside, it rewrites those files back to default , and empty, as if i just installed the addon, i done this millions of time, it keeps deleting my lau files, replacing them with the Default files.

please let me know why is that happening to me, I don't want to reconfigure everything from scratch.
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