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Hello guys, I created my own UI using oUF that can be seen here: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...0-SnailUI.html

If anyone wants to test it out and give me feedback or report bugs, I would like that very much. Here's the description in case anyone is interested:



SnailUI is a pixel perfect UI, meaning everything is aligned perfectly. SnailUI skins almost everything, including the minimap, action bar, casting bars, etc. SnailUI is currently in a beta state, so there are probably plenty of bugs to be found. I would appreciate it if you reported them in the comments or through Twitter.

A lot of aspects of SnailUI can be changed via the in game interface options (or by typing /SUI or /SnailUI) or via the lua files themselves. This UI is also using Tuk's warlock bars addon as a temporary fix until oUF is updated. Should you need to contact me, I can be found via Twitter. (@1Snail)


  • Fully supports any resolution (less than 1024x768 can look strange) and any multisample level
  • Theme based UI that offers tons of customization
  • Supports all classes and specs, changing based on what your current spec is
  • Some specific talents are supported (Such as removing pet bars if you have Grimoire of Sacrifice for Warlocks)
  • A lot of Healbot-esque features are supported such as health prediction
  • Very small and very fast
  • Hides a lot of frames that you do not need to see in combat to reduce clutter (Can be shown by clicking the 'Show Misc Frames' button at the top [requires you to hover over it first])
  • Widescreen action buttons (First time I have ever seen someone do this)
  • Easy central focused class bars to help you watch your character more easily (Get out of that fire!)
  • Easy to extend or create your own themes
  • All class bars are supported (Combo point bar, rune bar, etc.)
  • Automatically repairs your items when visiting a vendor
  • Automatically sells all gray items when visiting a vendor
  • Automatically releases when you die in a battleground


You can download SnailUI at either of these sites:

WoW Interface: http://wowinterface.com/downloads/info20900-SnailUI
Curse: http://curse.com/addons/wow/snailui

Mirrors of all of the SnailUI releases can be found here: https://github.com/1Snail/SnailUI/downloads

You can also stay up to date with the cutting edge versions of SnailUI by visiting its GitHub repository here: https://github.com/1Snail/SnailUI (The files here can change many times a day so it's not recommended to use this version of SnailUI unless you know what you are doing)



Read: SnailUI relies on both oUF and oUF_SpellRange, so make sure that these 2 addons are installed before continuing. To install SnailUI, just unzip the SnailUI folder into your World of Warcraft / Interface / Addons folder and you are good to go.
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