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Looking for Daily Tracker

There are so many dailies I am looking for an addon that tracks what dailies have been done in a 24 hour period. Is there already a mod that does this? Can't seem to find one.
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Same, thanks for posting before me! It would be amazing if it could plug-in to Tom Tom.
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Try Daily To Do's. Don't believe it'll list every daily but you can certainly keep track. Great for people with multiple alts and do a ton of daily's (Now that the 25 cap is removed) and find it difficult to remember which ones are done or not.

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The two addons Wholly and Grail together keep track of what quests you have done, and will show you what quests you can do. They are designed to know, for example, that you need to complete the first five Golden Lotus dailies before you can proceed to the next hub, and once you complete the four dailies at the next hub, present the "final" for the day if your reputation is low, or offer the next hub if you are honored, etc. Since dailies are random, you will have the entire list from which to choose, but once a daily from a "set" is taken, Wholly knows the others cannot be gotten so removes them from the available list. Unfortunately, all the daily information from MoP has not been gathered properly yet, so the accuracy varies with the specific faction, but it is getting more accurate over time, and prereleases have the latest information Grail has. However, for the older quests like the city cooking dailies, the data should be fine. It integrates with TomTom such that you can get waypoints to the quest givers, and more importantly, with an alt-click on the quest in the Wholly quest panel it will select the turn in NPC, even from long distance (select distance). Then, hopefully you have mapped the function to interact with the selected target to a key that you can easily hit so you can turn in the quest even when there are ten other players with huge dragon mounts obscuring the NPC.
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